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We're the worlds first Bible app that provides a verse based on what you need. Every day.

Let's take you back to how it all started. A loved one of our founder was having a hard time keeping up with their daily Bible reading, but they noticed they always felt a boost whenever they did dive into the Word. This got our founder thinking. 'What if there was a way to alway stay in sync?' And, just like that, the spark was lit.

Over a single weekend, our founder cooked up the first version of Shepherd. It was initially just for their close ones, but the app started making waves. It's not just a Bible app - it's like a daily catch-up with a friend who knows just the right verse to share. The app got chatty, the word spread, and the demand got real. Eventually, it was time to bring Shepherd out into the world for everyone to enjoy.

Fast forward to today, and we're proud to say Shepherd's little flock has grown to over 300 strong. We've heard some amazing stories from our users, like parents battling postpartum depression and folks just needing a daily pick-me-up. They say Shepherd's made a real difference in their lives, and you can check out their stories here.

Now, we're ready to go big. We want to use technology to spread the good word, literally. Our dream is for Shepherd to reach folks far and wide, offering daily solace, motivation, and a friendly check-in. And we're committed to making Shepherd better and better each day.

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We're all about making the journey of life a little easier, one verse at a time. Come be a part of it!